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  1. Z P says:

    I started seeing Sharon in March 2018 and have not looked back. First appointment had my face mapped, skin looked at in detail, diet and my facial and finally topped up on new products. Now I have had 10 treatments and also enjoyed the LED facial treatment – I have the red lights. When it first goes on and Sharon does warn you it seems as if the lights are really bright, rather like lying back on a sunny day and feeling the sun on your face but x 5. However there is no strong light and no heat it is just your mind. By the time the timed treatment is over, all the perceived bright lights have gone and you are completely relaxed. I have had this treatment twice and really enjoy it and the after affects are noticeable. You can still have your massage if you like however this will add to the length of your treatment and rightly so will have to be paid for as an extra. I was invited to the ‘Rapid Reveal Peel’ launch a day early and received the treatment with 3 other lucky ladies. We had a great morning and we all came out glowing. I have used 6 of my 10 tubes on my home ‘Rapid Reveal Peel’ and my skin is enjoying it’s treatment and at work the girls comment on my skins condition. The only thing I missed is my use of my ‘daily superfoliant’ which cannot be used during the 10 tube treatment. I have also purchased ‘sound sleep cocoon’ and the smell is great although to confess it took me five minutes to work out it was pump action container I had a free sample of ‘Renewal lip complex’ and now I would not be without it my lips are beautiful moist now
    On my first appointment with Sharon (March) I had a quite a few products, Sharon completed my skin mapping, and the products that would suit my skin type. There were a couple of products I was using which Sharon had recommend to change, so on my last visit (October) I brought a ‘Dermal clay cleanser’ which was one of the swaps Sharon had recommended as my alternate cleanser was running out. It was very refreshing that Sharon did not insist on me buying the product 8 months ago. When I get a breakout even at my age I use ‘Overnight clearing gel’ and within 3 days it is gone. My partner loves to have his face sprayed with ‘Multi-active toner’ before he goes to sleep at night and can tell the night I swapped it for water!
    What can I say Sharon is great, caring and knowledgeable go along and see for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Zoe for your very comprehensive review!

  2. Emma Muparadzi says:

    Visited Platinum skin care again last month for a facial as part of my birthday present. platinum skin care sent me a beautiful birthday card prior to my visit and of course a lovely birthday present.
    As usual, I found the facial very effective especially having exposed my skin to all that Summer heat. I have deliberately waited for over a month to write this review because I wanted to see how long the effect of the facial would last. I am glad to say my skin still has the glow. I also want to recommend that,as Seasons change, it can only do your skin a lot of good to have a facial. It makes sense to prepare your skin especially your face for the effects of the weather and also use relevant products. I am very happy over how my skin is and would like to share my experiences with you Platinum customers and invite new customers as well. In my mid sixties, I can’t believe how flawless my skin is. Could have loved to post image of my face but couldn’t download on this page, perhaps next time.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Emma, looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. Joan Thomas says:

    I have just finished my course of Caci treatments with Sharon at Platinum Skincare, and I will be continuing with the maintanence treatments. Sharon provides an absolutely first class service in a beautifully relaxing setting and is a true credit to her profession. I cannot recommend this lovely little salon highly enough!

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Joan, I’m looking forward to seeing you regularly for more treatments and maintaining your firmer, smoother skin.

  4. Emma Muparadzi says:

    I had my first facial using Dermalogica products 2 days ago professionally done by Sharon. I have had a lot of facials done in the past but must admit, this was the best facial ever. What I liked most was, Sharon starts from a point of skin diagnosis, finding out exactly what your skin needs and your physical health status. She comes from a point of inclusive beauty where her treatment targets your whole need as a person. As she goes on her work, she throws in advice in an unassuming manner so well that you genuinely feel valued as a customer. I liked the environment, the background classical music and everything else. Outstanding for me was the feeling of her touch- her palms are very soft almost baby- like touch. I almost fell into a deep sleep on the bed where it not for the music. That just briefly shows what an amazing experience I had. After all that’s what we need when we go for facials, it is to have that extra bit which leaves you looking radiant and feeling good. I feel now I have ffinally settled for my facial and skincare home. No more wondering about! Thanks Sharon.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Emma. I’m happy to read how much you enjoyed your treatment. I think it’s often difficult to understand just how good a facial treatment can feel and the difference it can make, not only to your skin but also to your well being. I feel your words have described that perfectly!

  5. P S says:

    “I didn’t have any issues with my skin until I hit the age of 27. At this point I developed adult acne, I couldn’t identify a cause but was devastated. The acne had a massive impact on my self esteem, the spots were deep, painful and looked very unsightly. I felt ashamed of my face and would often cry when I looked in the mirror.
    I tried anti-biotics from the gp, acupuncture and various lotions and potions until I found Sharon at Platinum Skincare.
    Sharon gave me dietary and lifestyle advice, recommended the right products for my skin and how to use them and vitally, she cared! I regularly see Sharon for facials as I feel she understands my skin and what it needs.
    Thank goodness I found Sharon. After following her product and diet advice, I am now able to go make up free!! My family and friends cannot believe the difference in my skin and I feel like myself again!

    Thank you Sharon, you’ve given me my confidence back.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you, I’m so pleased to see the improvements in your skin…..this is why I love my work! It’s amazing to hear how my passion for skincare and my experience and recommmendations can make such a difference!

  6. Ernesta zakeliene says:

    It was my first visit at Platinum and I absolutely loved it! I would like to say big thank u to Sharon as she made me feel wery welcome and relaxed. I had my first facial and i learned so much about my skin and i had a good advice how to look after it in the future! I woud highly recommend Sharon to everyone who is looking for a good facial.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thanks Ernesta, I’m so pleased you enjoyed your treatment and learning how to look after your skin. I hope to see you again soon!

  7. Caroline McCarthy says:

    I’ve tried a number of facial treatments elsewhere p and was not impressed. Sharon was recommended, so I booked a Dermalogica facial. It was the best facial I have ever had. I felt stress free and sooo relaxed afterwards. My skin looked so much better. The whole experience was amazing. Highly recommended.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Lovely to meet you Caroline, your skin looked wonderful after your faciaI. I hope to see you again soon and thank you for taking the time to write a review.

  8. Zoe Powell says:

    I have been using Dermalogica for over 30 years now, but since moving to Nottingham I could not find a Beauty Therapist that match up to my previous one. I read the reviews on Sharon’s website and the and the process for facial treatment. On arrival the rooms were immaculate. Sharon introduced herself, put me at ease and asked me to fill out a card with my history. Sharon then took me through to a beautifully warm room where soothing music was put on and I got ready for the treatment (behind closed doors) whilst Sharon went to reception and read my card. After knocking Sharon re entered and discussed the best treatment for me and started my facial (the steam was great!) during the facial we discussing diet, hydration, stress level etc. I like to be told what products are being used, how to apply them and the changes within your skin (as long as you continue your routine at home) which Sharon did fantastically. During the massage it was just the music and my thoughts which left me feeling relaxed. Once dressed I went through and Sharon gave me a fully comprehensive guide to my face mapping and products recommended for my skin type. As I have several product already we discussed the new Dermalogica products, tested them whilst Sharon advised how they should be used. I decided on three new products with 10% discount and got some freebies to . Sharon did not expect me to buy all products she recommended. Once I had fully understood my new facial routine. I made my next appointment leaving refreshed. The next morning I got up and had a radiant glow. Looking forward to my monthly facials with a great Therapist. Thanks Sharon

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Zoe. It was lovely to meet someone so enthusiastic about their skin care, you completely understood the reasons behind my recommendations – to help you achieve and maintain good skin! Looking forward to seeing you again.

  9. Jean says:

    I’ve been having Caci facials for years and recently started having Caci facials with Sharon. I’ve been really pleased with the results and Sharon’s attention to detail. Sharon is thorough friendly and professional I would definitely give her 5/5. Thank you.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Jean, I’m pleased you enjoy your facials and I have enjoyed meeting you. It’s always good to see the results of regular treatments, you are a great ambassador for Caci.

  10. Rosie says:

    I’ve just treated myself to a course of Caci facials with Sharon and they are amazing. Already I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin and they are so relaxing. Sharon works independently so each session is very personal and intimate. She has given me so much advice and has devised a skin care regime for me to follow which compliments the facials I’m having.

    I’ve never taken such care in my skin!

    I can’t recommend Sharon enough, her service is far beyond other salons I’ve experienced previously and I will definitely continue to have regular facials once the course is completed.

    Thanks Sharon.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thanks Rosie, it’s good to see you enjoying your Caci facials and new Dermalogica products and watching the improvements in your skin. I look forward to seeing you regularly in future to maintain your achievements.

  11. Rachel Hill says:

    I’ve been using dermalogica products for my acne for a few months now and not only is the acne clearing up, but the overall condition and healthiness of my skin has improved too. Where no shop-bought face washes and moisturisers helped, dermalogica is the best I’ve tried by far.

    If you’re worried about costs, try the mini set (£40ish) which will last you a month or so and gives you time to see what you think before fully committing.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Rachel, I hope your skin continues to improve now you have established your Dermalogica skin care regime. It is very reassuring to see the changes over the last few months and hopefully your message will encourage other adult acne sufferers to start using prescribed Dermalogica products.
      Adult acne is an increasing and very distressing problem and a lot of time and money can be spent on products which either don’t work or sometimes worsen the condition. One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is helping long term acne sufferers improve their skin.

  12. Lucy says:

    I visited Platinum Skin Care for the first time a couple of weeks ago and had a prescription dermalogica facial. The experience was amazing – Sharon was professional, knowledgeable and really helped me understand my skin better. I loved the facial, it was so relaxing and my face has never felt so soft! After 2 weeks of using recommended products I’m really noticing a difference, and others have commented on his much brighter my skin looks. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thanks Lucy, I hope your skin will continue to improve and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  13. Lynda Maddison says:

    First visit today for an A lift facial, it was amazing, Sharon put me at ease, and was very friendly and professional… Was so very comfortable and relaxed in her salon.. Have booked another A lift session in a month and I am looking forward to it already… My skin feels soooo good…

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments, your skin certainly benefited from the A-Lift treatment….it looked wonderful!

  14. Alex Hopewell says:

    I visited the salon for the first time to have the Dermalogica Express Facial having been bought it for Christmas. Having had facials through voucher websites and treatments at spas previously I couldn’t have imagined how amazing this would actually be! It was by far the most luxurious experience I have had. Sharon took her time to talk me through my problem areas and recommend products for me to use. The facial itself was so relaxing and entailed many different steps helping me to feel truly pampered and well looked after. I loved everything about the salon and cannot recommend this place enough!

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed your facial and look forward to seeing you again.

  15. Carol Gray says:

    Still looking good after my wonderful relaxing facial yesterday. Not only does the facial make my skin look so much fresher, the whole experience – the lovely lighting, music, the snuggly duvet keeping me lovely and warm, all adds to the treatment. This is only my second visit to Platinum skin care centre but I look forward to many more visits. Thanks Sharon x

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thanks Carol, looking forward to seeing you regularly in future!

      • Carol Gray says:

        Feeling relaxed and skin looking fab after lovely facial today xx thanks again Sharon x looking forward to using my new products xx

  16. Deborah O'Brien says:

    Amazing facial @ platinum! My skin feels fantastic. Looking forward to the next one! X

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you for your review, I’m very pleased that you enjoyed your treatment. It was good to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again.

  17. Sim says:

    I recently had my first facial by Sharon and I can honestly say it was the best facial ever! Thank you, Sharon! Extremely professional, thorough, friendly and great advice without the pressure to buy!
    I couldn’t leave without booking in another facial and I have a feeling that this will become a regular occurrence! Thanks again, Sharon! Look forward to seeing you soon. xx

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you for your very kind review. I’m looking forward to seeing you again and helping you achieve a healthy, glowing skin.

  18. Katherine Calder says:

    I love going to Sharon for my regular facials. The atmosphere is very relaxing and Sharon is very friendly yet professional. I’ve been going to Sharon for a few years now and she always helps to sort my skin out when it needs it! I’m currently enjoying the A-lift facials and am really noticing a difference to my skin (as well as finding the treatment super relaxing!).

    Thank you Sharon.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you, it’s lovely to hear that you enjoy your treatments but also very pleasing to know that you are already experiencing the beneficial effects of the A-Lift, it is always good to have positive feedback.

  19. Amber Morris says:

    I visited platinum on Friday and was really happy with the services on offer and how comfortable Sharon made me and my boyfriend , who had received a pedicure as a birthday present , I was that happy I have booked in for a facial and skincare class , I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      It was lovely to meet you both and I’m looking forward to seeing you regularly in future. Thank you for taking the time to write this review.

  20. Barbara lamb says:

    I’ve been going to Sharon every month for the past 4 years. My skin quickly improved and has continued to look and feel great. Sharon is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. The salon spotlessly clean and comfortable. Walk through the door and relax. Everyone should treat themselves to the “platinum” experience!!

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you. As someone who follows a recommended home skin care regime and programme of salon treatments you are a valued client but also over the years we have formed a friendly as well as professional relationship which is another reason why I love my work!

  21. Michelle Oldham says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it! My skin has not looked and felt so good in years. The A Lift facial is super relaxing and the Dermalogica products Sharon has reccomended have been great. Thank you! X

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thanks Michelle, probably the most rewarding part of my job is getting to know new clients and watching their skin improve when they commit to treatments and home care as you have. Keep up the good work!

  22. Kate Bladon says:

    It’s a delight to go and see Sharon for my facial. It is so relaxing lying on her couch listening to music whilst she makes my skin look and feel great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Give her a try… the phrase goes…..because you’re worth it. A 5 star service.

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thank you Kate, hope to see you again soon….I have some new additions to the music playlist which I think you’ll enjoy!

  23. Ann Heath says:

    wonderful pedicure on Friday left feeling like I was walking on air, not easy after a hard week on size 8 feet, thank you Sharon ever the perfectionist plus the colour is amazing

    • Sharon Oakes says:

      Thanks Ann, always a pleasure to see you!

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